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Creative Intelligence for a New Kind of Production

Oct 4, 2022
Abigail Rose Baez
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Creative Intelligence for a New Kind of Production

In a content driven world- creativity wears the crown. Those who make it hold the keys, and those who need it are desperate to have it. Especially at the local scale. The past 3 years required all business owners to find a way to communicate online- in every area of their business- with content. Still, the content creation industry is clunky and outdated. Traditional routes of paying a high premium for one piece of content from an agency is antiquated. As for the creative freelancers- talented but too common- they struggle with customer service, project management, and accounting while running their business solo.

Blended Sense is on a mission to connect the local business owner to the local creative pro. On their end-to-end media production platform, Customers purchase Production Credits to redeem on a Menu of Digital Assets, schedule and attend their Content Sweep, collaborate and create with their matched Creative Team, and access organized ready-to-publish digital assets. It takes the guess work out of content creation, de-risks the investment in creative resources, and frees the business owner of the logistical stress that comes with producing content.

Co-founded by Abigail and Albert Baez, artists and builders from the Northeast and ATX locals coming up on a decade- the company strives to lead with empathy, #Safesets, and creative tech innovation.

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About the Founders of
About the Founder of

Blended Sense

Abigail Rose Baez is an artist and builder who really enjoys play, creatively solving problems, and all forms of story telling. Co founding Blended Sense with her husband was the result of experiencing the pain points they are solving for within her own acting career, and commiserating turned brainstorming together. She wears the scars of entrepreneurship while becoming a mother in a pandemic proudly and published her first book titled "The Year You Were Born" in April 2022 about the experience. She is grateful to have been warmly embraced almost 8 years ago by Texans, but is still a proud Masshole at heart. She owes so much to the Texas film industry for teaching her how to be on camera.

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