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Adding Identity and Expression to Zoom

May 9, 2023
Ankith Harathi
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Adding Identity and Expression to Zoom

Zoom fatigue is never going to be solved by making meetings more 'productive'. Automatic transcriptions, notes, and integrations don't address the core issues of why virtual meetings drain our energy more than in-person interactions. Interactions in real life had more depth, meaning, and dimension - an expression of who we each individually are.

Over Zoom, we've all lost a dimension, quite literally. Communicating within our little 2D box constrains our personality and limits our interactions with others. Macro existed to help you break out of that box. To bring your full self over video. With customization and video-native expression features.

In providing its status-quo breaking experience, Macro built the first true 3rd party Zoom client. You could use Macro to join any Zoom meeting, even if everyone else on the call was still on Zoom.

It's technology coupled with the company's mission of elevating people's digital expression over video led to it's eventual acquisition by mmhmm - a company by Phil Libin (of Evernote fame) founded to give communication superpowers, backed with over $140M  from Sequoia, Softbank, and more.

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About the Founders of
About the Founder of


Ankith Harathi was the Co-founder & CEO of Macro.

He co-founded Macro while in the MS/MBA joint degree program at Harvard Business School. After raising $5M from FirstMark, General Catalyst, and other VCs + angels, he sold Macro in November 2021 to mmhmm. Prior to Macro, Ankith was the head of Growth at Gamer Sensei.

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