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Student Storage Made Easy

Apr 11, 2023
Sam Chason
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Student Storage Made Easy

Storage Scholars is the nation's premier provider of student storage, moving, and shipping solutions, with operations on 60 college campuses across the country. They are a young, sharp company obsessed with innovation and service quality. Their proprietary technology documents every step of their process with updates sent in real-time. Their customer service leads the industry with a 4.8-star rating. True to their mission, they employ a new group of students each year to learn the foundations of business, training and serving their peers as the leaders of their respective campus operations. They have employed over 1,000 students and will continue creating on-campus jobs and paid internship opportunities for years to come.

Here is how it works: students receive packing supplies on campus, pack up, and leave. Thanks to their partnership with the University, after the campus closes, everything is moved into storage for the summer. The best part is everything is ready and waiting in their new rooms when they return to campus.

Having been bootstrapped since inception by founder Sam Chason out of his freshmen college dorm at Wake Forest back in 2017, the company's trajectory has changed since appearing on Shark Tank on October 14th in 2022. Since then, they have solidified their integration with StarRez, the largest student housing platform in the world. They partnered with SIRVA, the largest relocation company on the planet, responsible for the majority of the moves for all fortune 500 companies. SIRVA will not only serve as the backbone of Storage Scholar's entire logistics network, but their presence on the E&I cooperative allows us to bypass the RFP process and shoot for global expansion...quickly. All parties involved are incredibly excited. It is like the Crest vs. Colgate decision. Once you pick one, you often use that brand for the rest of your life. Once Storage Scholars moves students from some of the most elite Universities in America to school, during their four years at school and then to their first job when they graduate -- who do you think these same kids (now adults) will be calling to move into their first home or when they need to downsize the offices in their new company that they run? Finally, partnering with Universities often involves Storage Scholars becoming an approved storage and moving vendor, allowing them to bid on or simply accept large-scale commercial jobs to supplement the seasonality of the business. There is no doubt that Storage Scholars will be a globally recognized brand in the next five years.

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About the Founders of
About the Founder of

Storage Scholars

I am a graduate of the Wake Forest University class of 2020. I studied Business and Entrepreneurship but spent most of my time as a student growing Storage Scholars. As the youngest of three in a family of high school teachers in New York, I was offered a lot of independence as a child. At six, I was running three-figure lemonade stands. At nine, I was making four figures selling candy out of my locker at school. At twelve and throughout high school, I made five figures with massive garage sales. It was at these garage sales, where I would sell t-shirts for $1 and BMW M3s for $15,000, that I learned the foundations of my entrepreneurial skill set. Everything I have done in my career has been progressive. I've been slowly building and honing a skill set that culminated in my most significant venture yet -- a seven-figure college storage business.

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