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Bones in Motion ---> Koya

Your phone is your fitness device.

Mar 28, 2023
Jon Werner
Cherie Werner
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Your phone is your fitness device.

This episode covers the journey of Bones in Motion (acquired by Adidas) and the growth of a new startup - Koya.

Bones in Motion - Mobile lifestyle services company acquired by adidas that developed mobile phone applications and web services to monitor and track outdoor enthusiasts in real-time and create a dynamic online journal of their distance, pace, calories burned, and route taken.Won Best Global Location-based App 2005 from Navteq and Best Location-based App 2005 from ESRI. Awarded multiple US and global patents covering a wide-range of mobile fitness innovations.

Koya -

Canceling loneliness one connection at a time.

KOYA Innovations develops products rooted in connection. KOYA for Business helps companies show gratitude to their employees and customers through a relationship-first experience using one-to-one personal videos and optional gifts. KOYA Connect turbo-charges networking events for attendees and provides ROI metrics for sponsors creating a win/win for all.

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About the Founders of
About the Founder of

Bones in Motion ---> Koya

Jon - Husband for 37 years with three daughters who loves to innovate and create new experiences that makes life a bit more fun and rewarding.

Cherie - I am an extrovert, connector, community builder, lifelong learner, educator, administrator, and now an entrepreneur at KOYA. A certified Life Breakthrough Coach (2015), Digital Wellness Coach (2020), and Happiness Practitioner (2021) who enjoys connecting with interesting individuals. It brings me joy in helping others pursue their dreams and passions in life.

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