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Fetii transports groups and businesses together, on-demand

Sep 13, 2022
Matthew Iommi
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Fetii transports groups and businesses together, on-demand

Fetii is a group rideshare app that lets both consumers and businesses order 15-passenger vans on-demand. Users pay using a QR check-in system that splits payments seamlessly amongst the group at time of boarding.

People love traveling with their friends but reserving a vehicle days in advance, with 5 hour minimums for a 10 minute ride, and splitting the bill for large group rides has always been a pain in the butt. It turns out that if you provide on-demand capabilities and move payment into an app like Fetii, it removes friction and people want to travel together a whole lot more.

Uber has shown that people love on-demand transportation, and it’s a massive business, but the ugly truth is that the unit economics of driving around 1 or 2 people are horrible. We’re taking the only profitable part of on-demand transport - transporting groups - where the unit economics are incredible and there’s still tonnes of demand.

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About the Founders of
About the Founder of


Matthew Iommi is the co-founder and CEO of Fetii, a group rideshare platform he launched in 2020 when he recognized the inefficiencies that groups undergo when they want to ride together. Prior to Fetii, Matthew ran a charter transportation company during his time at Texas A&M University. It was there he experienced firsthand the shortcomings of the old charter model and the yearning groups have for a better solution. Matthew graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Economics and a minor in Business Management.

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