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Free Water

The World's First Free Beverage Company

Dec 6, 2022
Josh Cliffords
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The World's First Free Beverage Company

Our startup has recently launched the world's first free beverage company. Our natural spring water in aluminum bottles and paper cartons is free because we use the packaging as ad space. When you've got that free product in your hand feel free to scan any of the QR codes to interact with Augmented Reality, shop, collect coupons, order food, or download movies, music, TV shows, video games, books, podcasts, software, you name it. You can do anything with our platform but most importantly we donate ten cents from every beverage to charity to build water wells for people in need. When you do the math we only need 10% of Americans to save money and drink our free water and we will end the global water crisis permanently, building water wells for over 800 million people worldwide.

To date we've distributed 75,000 beverages and financed two water projects in Kenya- a rain capture system for a primary school in Tututha and a water well in Atot, Kenya. Our idea has quickly become a global phenomenon as we have amassed over half a million followers across all of our social media accounts. People are reaching out across the world asking how they can contribute, invest, advertise, and distribute our free product. We have a small team at the moment but it is growing quickly. We are bringing on more sales people and more software developers to build out our platform along with our free vending machine prototypes.

We recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at www.fundrazr.com/freewater and would really appreciate it if everyone listening could donate a few dollars and share our campaign with their friends and family!

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About the Founders of
About the Founder of

Free Water

Josh Cliffords began this journey after he retired from the military and started a trip around the world to visit 100 countries in 4 years. After speaking to a couple of Nigerian refugees in Rome for a few minutes he decided to end his trip and create a nonprofit in Eastern Europe called "Save the Refugees." His organization helped about 10,000 refugees within the span of a year but he came to the conclusion that the nonprofit system could be improved upon. He set out to create a system that made donating to charity and saving a life as simple as eating a free slice of pizza or drinking a free bottle of water.

He realized that the cost of advertising had outpaced the cost to manufacture consumable products which meant a company could turn the packaging of a product like bottled water into ad space and that would cover the cost of manufacturing, distribution, a sales person's commission, the company's profit, and a ten cent per beverage donation to charity.

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