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Legion Health's mission is to increase the available capacity of the mental health workforce.

Nov 22, 2022
Daniel Wilson | COO
Arthur MacWaters | President
Yash Patel | CEO
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Legion Health's mission is to increase the available capacity of the mental health workforce.

Legion Health is a B2B marketplace for mental health professionals' time.

Mental health is a growing problem for our country. 1 in 5 adults suffered from mental illness in 2020, and suicide was the 2nd most common cause of death for those aged 10 to 34. A common belief among those in healthcare is that there simply aren't enough providers. While it's true that there aren't enough individuals to fill every job opening, we've found plenty of unused time.

Several digital health startups are trying to attack the growing problems in mental health. Most, however, are so focused on novel and high-quality patient experiences that they neglect their providers. This can make it quite difficult to find, retain, and load balance talent—which can really harm patients if their providers leave.

800 mental health professionals in our network have signed up to work between 20 to 30 hours per week—on top of their part-time or full-time jobs. We help fill this capacity, which would otherwise go unused, by supplying it to several different telehealth companies which don't have enough providers to see their patients.

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About the Founders of
About the Founder of

Legion Health

Arthur, Yash, and Daniel met almost eight years ago during their freshman year at Princeton and were senior year roommates. It wasn’t immediately apparent that the three of them would start a company together. After graduating, they went to separate corners of the country—Arthur, to McKinsey in San Diego; Yash, to the Congressional Budget Office as a health care analyst in Washington DC; and Daniel, to Microsoft in Seattle.

In 2020, they decided to explore starting a company together in the health care space. They quickly realized that the problems in the mental health space were something deeply important to each of them. Yash and Arthur have their own stories—For Daniel, it became particularly important a few years ago when a best friend, suffering from bipolar disorder, almost took her own life. After months of struggling and failing to find professional help, she had decided she couldn't go on.

Technology has done so many amazing things for our world. But, of all industries, health care is perhaps the furthest behind. Being able to make a difference here—in a space that can affect all of humanity—is incredibly motivating. They can't imagine working on anything else in the world.

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