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A better way to work in retail

Jan 31, 2023
Carson Jones
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A better way to work in retail

Front-line workers are extraordinary and the backbone of the retail industry. But until now, working in retail has been hard — workers are often underpaid and cannot set their own schedule.

Reflex aims to improve the life of front-line workers by building a better way to work in Retail. The Reflex platform connects associates to retail stores on demand. Workers are paid the very next day and can work when they want, where they want.

Founded in 2021 by Mike Meyers and Carson Jones in Austin, TX, Reflex is quickly expanding across Texas and beyond.

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About the Founders of
About the Founder of


Carson is the co-founder of Reflex. He’s a builder obsessed with creating experiences for humans that creates better lives. With over 10+ years in the Texas startup community, Carson has lead product teams working in medicine, sales gamification, and productivity apps. When not in the mountains, Carson calls Austin home with his wife and cross-eyed cat. He enjoys loud live music, ice hockey, and spending time with family and friends.

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