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The Home For Startup Demo Days

Aug 9, 2022
John Hancock | Co-founder
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The Home For Startup Demo Days

Stonks is on a mission to spearhead the mass adoption of startup investing by making it "Approachable AF". The big problems here (among accredited investors) are Access, Education, and Liquidity. By creating "The home for startup Demo Days' we believe we have made leaps toward solving the Access problem (and hopefully some of the Education side, as well).

"Democratization" is a word that gets thrown around enough to lose its true meaning but at Stonks we've been working hard to provide ordinary prospective "Angel Investors" (as well as emerging funds) access to the best possible investment opportunities that typically would have only been available to the top 10% of VC firms.

We're still a new company but we're incredibly passionate about the problems we're solving and we believe we are headed toward a world where the average person you'd pass on the street has some startup equity in their "portfolio" alongside individual stocks, ETFs, crypto, etc.

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About the Founder of


John is a multi-startup founder (DTC, Creator Economy, Live Streaming) and paramotor pilot who suffers from imposter syndrome just as much as (or more than) the next person. A high school dropout AND a college dropout, John likes to think he has a handle on how his time is best spent.

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