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Investing in the future of science

Dec 13, 2022
Neil Thanedar
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Investing in the future of science

Taking inspiration from Edison's Lab, Warhol's Factory, and studios like Pixar, Disney, and Def Jam, Neil Thanedar created Utopic to be a modern idea factory, a group of companies where he and many others could spend their careers solving the world's biggest problems.

Starting with Utopic Ventures, a pre-seed fund to invest in scientific and deep-tech startups, Neil's vision for Utopic includes Utopic Studio (startup studio), Utopic Live (events), Utopic Show (podcast), Utopic Club (community), and more.

Neil is also founder and chairman of Labdoor, an independent alternative to the FDA that tests and ranks over 1,000 vitamins, supplements, and other consumer products (dog food rankings coming soon!).

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About the Founders of
About the Founder of


Neil is an entrepreneur, investor, and author focused on solving the world's biggest problems. He is currently launching Utopic, his idea factory. He was the founding CEO (now Chairman) of Labdoor, an independent alternative to the FDA. He also co-founded Avomeen, a chemical product development lab, and Air to All, a 501(c)3 medical device nonprofit. He is active in Michigan politics, especially supporting his dad Shri Thanedar representing Detroit. He is also writing a book in public titled The World’s Biggest Problems. Neil lives in Michigan with his wife Shoua and two boys Kai (5) and Ajay (3). He is also an avid amateur hockey player and drummer.

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