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Vertically integrated the vacation rental industry, creating a radically better experience for travelers.

Feb 28, 2023
John Andrew Entwistle
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Vertically integrated the vacation rental industry, creating a radically better experience for travelers.

We’ve all been there: you’re in desperate need of time away. The countdown is on. The bags are packed. You arrive at your vacation rental and…

It’s disappointing. It looks nothing like it did online. The WiFi is spotty. You can’t get a hold of your host. You’re left with a list of rules, from amenities that are off-limits to cleaning instructions before you check-out. Suddenly, you’re missing home. You reminisce about your own bed. You’re wishing you had booked a hotel.

Life has enough stress. Traveling should be an escape. We built Wander to help you find your happy place. We built Wander for you to create memories with the people you care about. We built Wander because the infrastructure to experience the world is broken, and you deserve better than that. We built Wander so that you could skip straight to the good part.

It starts with owning every single home on our platform, which means we have 100% control over the quality (high), the technology (smart), and the locations (inspiring). It means putting total home control at your fingertips through the Wander app, from unlocking the door and turning on the lights to accessing the Tesla in the garage.

It means getting the best of both worlds: the guarantees of a luxury hotel paired with the comforts (and space) of a home. It means peace of mind with 24/7 concierge service, so if you have questions – you’ll get answers, instantly. It means being able to unwind without having to unplug, with state-of-the-art workstations and super fast WiFi.

We believe humans are meant to explore the world, and that these experiences are best when shared. We believe a pioneering spirit – a call to blaze new trails and broaden our horizons – is embedded in our DNA. And we believe that, together with our customers, we can build a network of Wanders across the globe you can access with the push of a button.

When stunning settings and smart technology collide in just the right way, the result is something magical. An adventure that’s unexpected. An environment that stokes creativity and resets the mind. A sense of freedom and possibility that sticks with you long after you’ve checked out. Our product isn’t our app or inventory, but the feeling we deliver to our customers.

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John Andrew Entwistle, 24, Thiel Fellow and 30u30, grew up in the small town of Katonah, New York. He started his first internet company at thirteen, and at seventeen he co-founded coder.com. A platform that moves the development environment (where software engineers write code) to an organizations cloud infrastructure. Coder is backed by Redpoint, GGV, Founders Fund, and Bessemer, with large enterprise customers such as Goldman Sachs and Palantir. Coder’s open source tooling is some of the most used OSS dev tool infrastructure in the world. After co-founding and running Coder as CEO for 5 years, he stepped down and started wander.com. Wander is a platform vertically integrating the $100b+ short term rental market. To date Wander has raised $32m in equity from Redpoint, QED, Susa, Fifthwall, and others, along with a $100m facility from Credit Suisse. Along with launching the first Vacation Rental REIT Wander Atlas.

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